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Started in the Year 1990, as a Service Minded, Manickam Associates is single source for your Engineering, waterproofing, concrete repairs, industrial flooring and more. We do  services throughout India and we basically located in Southern Part of India.

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Manickam Associates is on a fast growth path, offers a satisfactory work fulfillment status from our customers  and ensures updated quality products and services. That deliver higher levels of performance. We values are those of Flexibility, Reliability, Expertise and Quality.

 Through flexibility, the company helps to accommodate the clients’ horizons & wishes. Reliably, the company is your partner. The company has the required & proven expertise personnel in all the sectors of its involvement and is very keen in providing a quality service in its true name. The company strongly believes, that “Together we are a team”.

Why to Choose Us

Water Proofing? You Can Trust Manickam Associates!

Why to Select Us?

Because we do Business as Service.
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Expansion Joint Sealant & Filling

Joint Sealant are in different types such as polysulfide is common as a sealant for bridge expansion joint systems due to its versatility.

Bitumen Sheet Leying

Bitumen Impregnated fiber board and sheet leying are extremely durable and light weight fiber board which is widely used. These boards

App Membrane Water Proofing

APP membrane Water Proofing Waterproofing membranes are designed to protect a surface from the perils of leakage. Water penetration and

Crystalyzation Water Proofing

Crystalline waterproofing Crystalline waterproofing is a process where the active ingredients in a crystalline product react with the free lime

We Do Everything Best.

With advanced Knowledge and by collaborating with Industry experts, we can help customers in solving the Water Leakage Efficiently.

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